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-Each necklace is customizable with letters and/or numbers significant to you. We now also have hearts and paw prints available as well!


-You can use your kids’ or family’s initials, an important date, coordinates to a special place, or whatever you want!


-These beautiful pieces are made with gold plated brass.


-We have two different pendant styles to offer, Spaced (photo #1) and Dangly (photo #2).


Necklace with 1 pendant is $21, each additional pendant is $2.

** Please leave the following in the notes section: 

-Which symbols you would like (letters, numbers, hearts or paw prints)

-Your preferred necklace style (spaced or dangly)

-Specify if you would like upper case letters or lower case letters**

Personalized Pendant Necklace - Gold Plated

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