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Funds are dispersed in April, July, September & December each year. Our board meets each quarter and discusses all applicants in detail. Once we have reached our decision, the chosen applicant(s) will be contacted and sent the remaining paperwork before the funds are sent.

Meet the Board

Robyn Hobbs

Founder of Bliss Candles Co., Owner/Operator of Blissful Aesthetics. Robyn holds a diploma in Business as well as Aesthetics. She also has further training in eyelash extensions, teeth whitening and skincare. On her days "off" she enjoys reading, walking outdoors, spending time at the beach, checking out local vendors and shops, and much more! 

Robyn has always been a determined and focused individual. She gets an idea and doesn't stop until she makes it happen. When she began her journey with miscarriage and infertility she was desperately searching for a way to a) deal with the struggle and b) end the stigma on these subjects. It took a little time but she finally built up the courage to share her story on Instagram and from there, began her candle empire. 

Currently these candles are sold locally at Blissful Aesthetics and Tanner's Your Independent Grocer and online via this website. 

Robyn's 2022 goal is to expand the sale locations to other parts of Ontario. 

How to Apply

Send an email to Please include your name, confirmation that you are residing in Northern Ontario, and a short description of your situation. The registration form will then be forwarded to you. Please allow some time for Bliss Candles Co. to reply. 

Thank you!

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